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Writing bios is the worst ...

I'm Sarah. I use words like science and literature. I like to tell stories. And write.

That picture shows you what I look like. Pretty normal, really, especially considering all the science experiments. This is not a fashion or a wedding site, if you couldn't already tell. Everyday, I wear a gray suit to work, which consists of a grey sweatshirt and grey sweatpants, so I'm actually really dressed up in that picture because I am wearing a collar. 

I just realized that I'm doing what everyone does to women -- talk about what they are wearing. But I beat you to it, so I'm winning.

I enjoy writing non-fiction essays about people. I am also writing books. I have a hard time focusing on just one idea, so I am working on all of the ideas at once, and every so often a few of them escape together and become part of an anthology or get published online or in a magazine. Eventually, I hope a much larger group of the ideas will get together and decide to be a book. This may take an Act of Congress or a natural disaster, but those are more regular occurrences these days, so I'm optimistic. 

I also regularly change this bio page, so you should come back again and read it another time, because I hate writing bios, so I write them over and over again hoping they will get better. But if there is something you would like to know about me, the best way to find out is to ask. 


Photo Credits: Many thanks to Patrica McInroy, the only true professional on this page, for her photography. Patricia is former photojournalist who works in the mediums of photography and video. She has screened her video work in more than 20 film festivals across the United States as well as in Europe and Latin America. In addition, her work has shown at art galleries in Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Denver, Albuquerque and Hartford. She currently teaches at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Patricia graduated with an MFA in Visual Arts from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2007.

She lives in Denver with her girlfriend, Jennifer, and a very talkative cat named Mica. When nobody is watching, she sometimes plays the cello.