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Why I blog

Why I Blog ...

Why I blog

Sarah Gilbert

I am a person who used to think that there should be a reason for everything. Then, I learned about the appendix. That organ has absolutely no point and sometimes it can even try to kill you, which means that not everything is here for a reason, so why not start a blog?

I started blogging about 2 years ago. In blog years, that still makes me a baby. Or maybe a toddler. And I'm guessing that you're reading this because you're wondering: What's so great, special, different about blogging? Or maybe you are planning to start you own blog.

Blogging is exactly like writing, except it is a typically done in open, online forum, and the words are written in "first person." First person, as we all learned in 6th grade English, is when someone uses the word "I" a lot, just like I am right now.

But let's get to the main point of this story: Why I blog:

  • Because I can. This is really the stupidest reason on this list, but this is also one of the biggest changes between now-a-days and the olden days. It's easier to reach people on the internet. The spaces are getting really crowded, but if you have a computer, you can create an online forum for free. The only thing it costs you is hours and hours of your lifetime writing, commenting and keeping up with all the other blogs and interesting reading online that you'll find when you're doing research for your own blog.
  • Because it still matters to be visible. Blogging has been a real life-saver, literally, for a lot of people who thought they were completely alone in the world. I knew I was not the only gay parent who had children using reproductive technologies, but it sure felt like it at the time. Sometimes just showing up and telling your truth can be the starting point for ending someone's emotional pain or helping to solve a real-world problem, such as post-partum depression, discrimination or just answering the question: What is a chinchilla?
  • To connect with people: Blogging is a great way to connect with people. Cocktail parties, football games and hang-outs are also great, but you might be the only chinchilla lover there. So when you meet chinchilla lovers who also like blogging, well then, you already have two things in common.
  • Because I love writing: I love writing and reading. I know some people hate these activities, but I don't understand those people. And there is no accounting for taste. Sitting down and trying to put together a story that is enjoyable and meaningful makes my day more fulfilling. It is work, but it's work that I like to work on.
  • To figure out what I think: When I started taking myself seriously as a writer, or not so seriously, which is a better approach, I toiled under the delusion that I needed to know everything I was going to say before I sat down to say it. This meant that I spent a lot of time researching topics that never made it into my writing. I like doing research, so it wasn't really a problem, except for the fact that I wasn't writing. Then, I started to notice that when I sat down to write, I often changed my mind about what I was going to say or that as an idea developed, I would decide that I was wrong about something. Now, writing has become a tool for me to explore my own mind. I typically won't publish something that I haven't thought about, and so I write to have the opportunity to know what I think about things.